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Established in 1927

Sebring Firemen, Inc.

In the heart of Sebring, where legends are born and a community spirit thrives, lies a story of selfless heroes and a desire for progress. Step into the Sebring Firemen, Inc., an organization that joins dedication, camaraderie, and profound love for their city. 

It all began in 1927, Sebring Firemen, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, emerged as a beacon of hope, initially aiming to construct an athletic field for the people of Sebring. United by their determination, these firemen started as volunteers, selflessly guarding their town. Their courageous acts were devoid of any monetary compensation, until the 1950s. Indeed, their service was fueled solely by their unwavering commitment.

Sebring Firemen, Inc.,  a fraternity of determined men, complemented by the invaluable assistance of women dedicated to their cause. A diverse blend of approximately 130 members, with varying backgrounds in business and culture, form the lifeblood of this extraordinary association, all residing in the scenic Highlands County.

At the helm of Sebring Firemen, Inc. stands the illustrious Executive Committee, a formidable team of leaders, with their expertise and unwavering commitment, chart the course towards a brighter future for Sebring.

With a remarkable sense of loyalty, some members have stood as pillars of this organization for four to five decades, and a few have dedicated over 60 years of their lives to its cause. Each and every individual associated with Sebring Firemen, Inc. is held to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Every member recites a solemn pledge, vowing to enhance the city they inherited, making it an even better place for future generations.

The primary objective of Sebring Firemen, Inc. is to raise funds for the youth athletic programs of Sebring, predominantly focusing on Sebring High School. A harmonious partnership with the Highlands County school board allows them to own and oversee the baseball and football fields, as well as other vital facilities. Through a mutually beneficial arrangement, these facilities are leased back to the school board, with the lease funds channeled into continuous improvements. Recent enhancements include the renovation of the varsity football locker room and the grand front gate entrance to the football field.

Once an abandoned lot amidst orange groves at the intersection of Kenilworth Boulevard and Highlands Avenue, its transformation into a haven of athletics, known as Firemen’s Field, was no small feat, a place that weaves together history and triumph. The task of clearing the groves from this land was achieved through the collective effort of countless hands and many mules.

A shared history unites Sebring Firemen, Inc. with the local school community. In the 1940s and 1950s, when Sebring High School lacked the resources to develop its own sports facilities, Sebring Firemen, Inc. emerged as the unwavering ally, lending a helping hand.

To this day, Sebring Firemen, Inc. remains an integral part of the community, fostering a sense of togetherness and supporting numerous local events. Proud sponsors of the Sebring Firemen Memorial Golf Classic, the Highlands County Fair, and the 12 Hours of BBQ, harness these vibrant occasions to generate essential funds.

Sebring Firemen Inc. enthusiastically shared their flagship events, proudly acknowledging the invaluable support of major sponsors such as First Southern Bank, Heartland National Bank, and Alan Jay Automotive Network. The crown jewel among their fundraising endeavors is, undoubtedly, the Highlands County Fair—an event that has stood the test of time, celebrating its 86th annual occurrence in 2023. Pageants, livestock exhibitions, thrilling rides, and a vibrant marketplace converge to create an unforgettable experience.

The funds raised through these events serve as a lifeline, enabling the maintenance and improvement of athletic facilities while empowering the local schools’ sports programs. From outfitting teams with uniforms to the construction of state-of-the-art locker rooms, Sebring Firemen, Inc. has contributed thousands of dollars to support the community they hold dear.

Sebring Firemen, Inc. unwavering commitment to providing sporting opportunities for the youth of Sebring. Each year, donate a substantial sum of at least $50,000 to Sebring High School, which directly supports a staggering 27 different sports activities. The impact of their generosity reverberates throughout the community, nurturing a sense of unity and fostering the dreams of young athletes.

Among the other events organized by Sebring Firemen, Inc. is the renowned “Chicken Cook,” a mouthwatering spectacle held at Sebring Middle School and Hill-Gustat Middle School. During this fundraiser, tickets are sold for a sumptuous chicken dinner. As dawn breaks, 20 to 30 dedicated members gather, their culinary expertise set to the test as they prepare between 1,000 to 3,000 sizzling chicken quarters. From the crackling flames to the tantalizing aromas, this event is the essence of Sebring Firemen, Inc.’s tireless dedication.

Sebring Firemen, Inc. possesses an unparalleled ability to identify the needs of their community and forge a path toward fulfillment.

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