It’s being called the end of an era, however it’s more like a new beginning. Pictured here is the outgoing Sebring Firemen, Inc. President Charlie Taylor, of Taylor Oil Co., Inc. passing the gavel to the incoming President Clint Culverhouse. We would like to extend our warmest thanks for an outstanding tenure as the Past President of Sebring Firemen, Inc. and welcome the new leadership. Keep a close eye on this guy!

Along with new President, new officers were also inducted into the organization.
2015-16 Officers

From left to right: Tommy Lovett, Sr. (Reading the Firemen Charge), John Shoop (Secretary), Clint Culverhouse (President), Mark Cox (Treasurer), Bob Swaine (Vice President), Dave Travers (Trustee), Mike Chambers (Trustee), and Charlie Taylor (Trustee). Congratulations gentlemen!